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The BRANDBI GLOBAL group trades in digital applications that specialize in custom and generic utilities that enables brands and shoppers to send and receive instant rewards based on shopper spending and brand preferences.
As our database engineers stand by and assist our customers 24/7, we make every effort to help our customers better understand their company data with the most accurate information gathered. With other data corruption, technical expertise environments and our database engineers, we ensure smooth transitions for our customers into any of our leading reporting dashboard infrastructures.

Database Engineering
Database Engineering

This is the discipline involving the conception, modeling, creation, programming, analysis and administration of a database and database documentation.

Reporting Utilities
Reporting Utilities

Reporting is the most fundamental part for all business intelligence and knowledge management. We help extract, transform and load into various database warehouses.

Custom Dashboards
Custom Dashboards

We pride ourselves in our custom dashboards and we ensure smooth transitions for our customers into any of our leading dashboard infrastructures.


Brandbi Global hosts a wide range of services that include specialized custom and generic digital reporting utilities.

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Instant rewards at till. Join The Loyalty Revolution!


The future of retail customer engagement and value adding services.

Database Engineering

We do modeling, creation, programming, analysis and administration of databases.


Integration mapping into Microsoft SharePoint and cloud CRM Software.

Custom Dashboards

We design and help customers with personalized reporting dashboards for better reporting.


We help our customers with detailed retail product branding that includes images and titles.

Reporting Projects

Help us help you construct the best possible reporting projects for your business.

Database Warehouse

Generic Dashboards for data stored within various types of Database Warehouses.

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Feel free to contact us via telephone or simply drop us a friendly email, we are eagerly waiting to help you!